Valentines 2016

The thing about having kids –  chances are good they’ll eventually multiply.  With one married and the other two engaged, making Valentines is becoming quite the production with seven valentines to make now.   I used to leave them out at night for the kids to open Valentine’s Day morning, but these days they go through the mail.  I was in such a hurry to send them, I only got a couple pictures.  This year I water-colored animals and thought of punny mush to go with each one. Once they were painted I mounted some fun papers onto card stock and uses pop-dots to attach the artwork. Happy Valentine’s Day!




Valentines 2014

It’s that time of year again, and this year I decided to keep it simple. Each year I feel the pressure to out-do previous valentines. Then I think about the simple little card we exchanged as kids. It’s about the love, not the fancy. As minimalist as this year’s creations are, they are some of my favorites.



Valentines 2013

When making last year’s Valentines I kept the theme “Love Letters” and had a nice surprise at the end. This year I had five Valentines to make instead of four, so it was time to come up with something new. I didn’t need to look far. As my friends and I gathered to make this year’s snippets of love, one of the gals showed up with cupcakes made by our friend, Alice, whose cakes are famous and not only works of art, they taste like Heaven in your mouth.

With that inspiration, I baked up my own creations for the loves of my life in their favorite flavors: Cookies N’ Cream, Red Velvet, Lemon, Chocolate and Funfetti.

Designing and making my own Valentines is a tradition I started when the kids were little and just can’t seem to give up. As our family grows, I might need to start thinking about Valentines Day in July!

Valentines 2012

Last year the theme was Love Letters, and this year I decided to expand on that theme. Introducing, Love Letters 2.

I made a list of sentiments, trying to come up with four fun puns. After they were all finished, I lined the kids’ Valentines in a row to take a picture and noticed a happy accident….

I hope your Valentines Day is full of fun surprises!

Valentines 2011

Every year I make home-made valentines for my family. When the kids were smaller, they each had something to do with their lives that year as a memento of who they are.

This year I tried a joint theme that linked all four valentines. I was wracking my brain for ideas, when a simple thought struck: Love. Letters.

I used a paper pack  I already had, making it really easy to keep continuity. Add chalks, white acrylic, and pop dots.  I prefer a small paint brush to apply the chalk… I have better control that way, and it blends real well with the fine bristles.
I also make the envelopes to match. Craziness, I know.

Happy Valentines Day 2009

I love Valentines, which is pretty surprising considering how much anxiety they caused me as a kid.  Several years ago a magazine article inspired me to make my own valentines, and every year I invite my girlfriends over to “play”.  It’s a lot of fun, with snacks, a big mess, and the occasional dance party.

This is me working with what I have – my own hand as a model. I got a bit of razzing for this – from people who can’t even draw, mind you – which gave us a good laugh as we each merrily created our own brand of perfect.

As the kids grow, it becomes harder to come up with Valentine ideas. When they were little I’d make them according to their favorite tastes from that year. Now I walk through a land mine of “not cool” and “oh brother”.  I keep at it because one day they’ll have all those pieces of paper that say “I love you” straight from their mama’s hand.
This year’s effort felt lackluster, due to to lots of school work and little free time.

I only have one daughter, so she’s kind of special to my mama heart. We enjoy laughing at the wildlife and especially enjoy feeding the birds together.

Son #2 is very into Guitar Hero at the moment.  It’s fun to peek around the corner and spy as he lets out his inner rock star!

Son #1 lives out of town for college. This year I went with my heart.

Of course the Hunk gets a Valentine, too. (Hint: That hand should look familiar….)
I’d love to hear about your favorite Valentine tradition.