Valentines 2011

Every year I make home-made valentines for my family. When the kids were smaller, they each had something to do with their lives that year as a memento of who they are.

This year I tried a joint theme that linked all four valentines. I was wracking my brain for ideas, when a simple thought struck: Love. Letters.

I used a paper pack  I already had, making it really easy to keep continuity. Add chalks, white acrylic, and pop dots.  I prefer a small paint brush to apply the chalk… I have better control that way, and it blends real well with the fine bristles.
I also make the envelopes to match. Craziness, I know.


  1. what fun, and how creative. I can tell that this is your outlet, your gift, just by the attention to detail and thought. What a gift for your family. God’s love expressed through you to them. Don’t ever forget that. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Tracey. <3