Happy Valentines Day 2009

I love Valentines, which is pretty surprising considering how much anxiety they caused me as a kid.  Several years ago a magazine article inspired me to make my own valentines, and every year I invite my girlfriends over to “play”.  It’s a lot of fun, with snacks, a big mess, and the occasional dance party.

This is me working with what I have – my own hand as a model. I got a bit of razzing for this – from people who can’t even draw, mind you – which gave us a good laugh as we each merrily created our own brand of perfect.

As the kids grow, it becomes harder to come up with Valentine ideas. When they were little I’d make them according to their favorite tastes from that year. Now I walk through a land mine of “not cool” and “oh brother”.  I keep at it because one day they’ll have all those pieces of paper that say “I love you” straight from their mama’s hand.
This year’s effort felt lackluster, due to to lots of school work and little free time.

I only have one daughter, so she’s kind of special to my mama heart. We enjoy laughing at the wildlife and especially enjoy feeding the birds together.

Son #2 is very into Guitar Hero at the moment.  It’s fun to peek around the corner and spy as he lets out his inner rock star!

Son #1 lives out of town for college. This year I went with my heart.

Of course the Hunk gets a Valentine, too. (Hint: That hand should look familiar….)
I’d love to hear about your favorite Valentine tradition.