Cottage Living

The first of the year I moved into a cottage.  A real cottage – 348 square feet and consists of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Not only was the price right, but it has lots of “extras”.  It’s tucked into the woods and covered by huge trees.  The birds love my feeders. The deer come out to say hello each night.  It’s under the the airport so there is no light pollution and I can see every star. (No airport noise – the big jets use the other side.) From my front door I can watch the horses next door. I have lots of windows and lots of light. The country road to get here is a treat for the eyes.  And I’m right around the corner from just about everything.
Living in such a small space has its challenges.  The kids laugh when I have to move something to get to something else, but that’s what makes it fun.
The microwave is on my kitchen table.
My rotary mat is under the loveseat – which is the largest couch that would fit and opens to a twin bed for guests.
The toilet stops the bathroom door.
I have one closet – it’s in the kitchen.
It’s home.