Quilted Postcards

I’ve been experimenting with quilted postcards.

I wanted to try Misty Fuse, and words printed on cotton sheets and ExtravOrganza, and a small postcard wasn’t as intimidating as a bigger project would be.
So, I accomplished several things in one go.

I used double-sided Pelltex by Pellon.  My postcard kept its shape and I like the feel of it – not flopsy.

Postcard #2 is a healthy reminder for myself.  You wouldn’t believe the acrobatics it took to get that shot – standing on one leg while trying to hold the camera steady at the right angle.  I tried the heavier needle with the Pelltex, but I didn’t like the way it perforated it. I zig-zagged around the words, and din’t like that either, but I think the holes add pizzazz.

I have now mailed several of these with those stick-on stamps, and all have arrives safely at their destinations. I made sure embellishments were fairly flat and sewn on well so nothing snags. The top postcard even did well with that pom pom in the flower center.


  1. Great postcard Joy! Very well done.