Photos On Fabric

I think I finally achieved the desired results with my pictures.  I just went ahead and printed them straight onto the fabric. I’ve done it before for labels, and when a couple of my online pals recommended trying it I looked into the permanency of the printer ink and tried it. These two came out particularly well. My biggest challenge is getting the images positioned in a light spot on the fabric. I want them to be subtle, but I don’t want to have to search the quilt for them, either.  (UPDATE: The quilt is now 9 years old, and the photos are as clear as ever.)


  1. Joy, they look great to me. Sally

  2. Winnie Lens says:

    Hi, Honey! I love your blog, and the picture is great too! The artwork looks great to me, so keep at it. I’m looking forward to seeing more when I’m there again soon. Love you! Mom

  3. These came out beautifully, and I’ll bet they look much more like an integral part of the quilt done like this than they would have using any other technique. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  4. These are wonderful!
    I’ve shied away from using printed images – I’m such a technophobe. But this is so inspiring, I must take a closer look.