Love Week

It’s LOVE week! Last night I listened as my son asked his girl what kind of flowers she liked – while he was on the internet looking at prices.  It was comical the way he was including her on the decision-making process… there will be no element of surprise come Friday, but she won’t be disappointed, either. Smart guy.  I love the way they don’t take things too seriously. Valentine’s week is a good time to be a little more intentional about showing love to the people around us – fancy dinners and expensive bouquets can’t substitute for genuine kindness and appreciation. [To the Hunk – I love flowers. They’re always a safe bet.<3 ]

For my part, every year I hand-make Valentines for the Hunk and the kids. Every year it’s  a challenge to come up with something new. Every year it’s a last-minute dash to finish them on time. No matter how far in advance I begin sketching and planning my creative brain will not cooperate – it doesn’t kick into high gear until the deadline looms. Here’s my current mess:

2014-02-11 22.35.29

Speaking of love, I finished this wee doll for Mercy’s upcoming birthday.  I cut a keyhole shape from some brown Kona, stitched it together and slit it up the back to turn it. Easy-peasy.  I think she needs a diaper. 🙂 She’s only 3.5″ tall, so she will fit nicely in a 6″ x 9″ envelope for her long journey to Kenya.


It’s snowing again! This is the third time this year we’ve had snow – each time on a Wednesday. Crazy, huh?

Valentines 2013

When making last year’s Valentines I kept the theme “Love Letters” and had a nice surprise at the end. This year I had five Valentines to make instead of four, so it was time to come up with something new. I didn’t need to look far. As my friends and I gathered to make this year’s snippets of love, one of the gals showed up with cupcakes made by our friend, Alice. Alice’s cakes are famous and much sought-after here on the Peninsula. Not only are they works of art, they taste like Heaven in your mouth. True story.  🙂

With that inspiration, I baked up my own creations for the loves of my life in their favorite flavors: Cookies N’ Cream, Red Velvet, Lemon, Chocolate and Funfetti.

Designing and making my own Valentines is a tradition I started when the kids were little and just can’t seem to give up. As our family grows, I might need to start thinking about Valentines Day in July!

Valentines 2011

Every year I make home-made valentines for my family. Usually their valentines have something to do with their lives that year. Some years are easier than others.

This year I did something new… a joint theme that linked all four valentines. I was wracking my brain for ideas, when a simple thought struck.
Love letters. Literally. So I made these….
I make the envelopes to match, too!
I used a paper pack  I had which made it really easy to keep continuity. Add chalks, white acrylic, and pop dots. I use a small paint brush to apply the chalk… I feel like I have better control that way, and it blends real well with the fine bristles.