Tuesdays Unwrapped: Messy and Unexpected on a Tuesday

I was excited when Emily announced that Tuesdays Unwrapped would return for the month of December. Then last Friday hit, and I wondered if I’d have the oomph to even bother. I read her post today and saw the theme for the month – “celebrating the lovely, the messy and the unexpected” – and I cried. Again. Because the messy and unexpected has rattled my cage hard. And I wondered what in the world I could muster up to celebrate that.

Friday my sister was diagnosed with a sneaky type of breast cancer. All-of-a-sudden her world is upside down and her days are consumed with doctors and emotions. A mastectomy looms large before the year is up. I’m 900 miles away and can’t kiss it better. I hate that.

So my Tuesday attempt centers around the thought of my lovely sister battling an unexpected enemy. But every miracle begins with a mess… so I’m unwrapping His treasures hidden in dark places.

Love Notes

The day started at 5:15 trying to pry teens from their beds after staying up too late, followed by an acid-inducing race to get them to school on time. By time I arrived home the Hunk had already left for work. I didn’t get to say good-bye.
It’s silly, but on this particular morning that small fact cracked the last vestige of my composure. The tears were ready to spill when I walked in and saw a note on top of the mayonnaise I left out. A love note from my husband.
It quickly reminded me of the love notes God sends to me daily. A word here. A lyric there. An act of kindness from a stranger. An unexpected delight. Something silly that makes me smile. The little things He uses to whisper I’m here, and I love you to my heart.