More Travel

The ANC Choir was leading an international mass choir for a conference in Orlando. My mom, sister, brother-in-love and niece met up with me there so Mom and Sis could sing with us. We even had dinner with a pal from high school who happened to be in Orlando all the way from the Boston area. We hadn’t seen each other in 30 years, but we all laughed and carried on as if we weren’t grown-ups yet.

While the choir headed back to Virginia on the choir bus I went home with my family. You can pack a lot into three days! Wave-running with my sister and her family, Cuban sandwiches, shopping with mom, lunch with my grandmother, and a day at the beach with the BFF. Mom drove me back to Virginia and my nephew came along for the ride to see the cousins.

Gramma Mary’s tiny hands. These hands taught us to cook and garden, tended our boo-boos, whacked our bottoms, and pulled our pony tails too tight.


A couple quilty friends and I caught wind of the Row By Row experience, and I decided to collect patterns while I was on the road. Mom got involved and it turned into a regular scavenger hunt as we searched the map to find which shops were on our travel routes. I even managed to hit a couple shops in Orlando between rehearsal and sound checks.  Our hunt came in handy on the road north –  quilt shop bathrooms tend to be much nicer than the ones at gas stations. Seeing as most of the rows I gathered were in Florida, and I grew up in Florida, I figured I’ll make a Florida quilt that includes all my favorite things from the Sunshine State: Sea turtles, space shuttles, hurricanes, beach cabanas and sunsets. I can’t wait to put it together!