Lights, Camera

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my extremely talented friend, Tim Kay, filming promotional video for Regent University.  I hate being in front of the camera – Tim knows he’s special and the only one I’d say yes to. Especially because these videos aren’t scripted –  the camera just rolls and rolls while we chat and carry on. Tim takes all that nonsense, cuts it up and pieces it back together into something that makes sense, just lie a quilt. It was a lot of fun to do something a little different than the norm and to be filming, which I love. This time it’s for television, and I have mixed feelings about that.
The last time I said yes to this, Tim made the video below. Consider it your giggle for the week. It was a month before our wedding – the Hunk and I had just bought our house. I was moving in and he lived 40 miles away. Note the ragamuffin yard and paint test on the living room wall caught on camera for posterity. Oy.



National (not really)-Take-a-Risk-Day

The Nester dubbed today “National (not really) Take A Risk Day”. Readers were encouraged to take at least a small risk in our homes – something we’ve wanted to try or paint or do that involved risk on our part. You can read more here. I didn’t take any decorating risks, per se, but I did take a creative one. This weekend some of my colleagues needed a location to film some important footage, and we agreed to let them use our home.
What’s so risky about that, right?
Usually, nothing…  but I can be am pretty OCD when it comes to my home, and I had an idea of what I might agree to before film’s end, and there lied the risk. Sometimes film-making is a risky business. When asked if we were sure, I told the producer, “It’s just paint.”
We let them sand the walls to give them a worn, battered appearance.

They covered the windows with cardboard and duct tape to complete the look. The first round of footage didn’t read the way it needed to, so the Hunk and I quickly agreed to whatever it took to meet those needs.
In the end, freshly-painted walls were sanded, painted and smeared – real dirt from the yard was rubbed across new windows (it could be removed easier than paint).
I can’t reveal the full set, but the empty room looks like this:

We then relocated to a hotel for the weekend to let them work their magic.  The film‘s creators aim to raise awareness of the growing problem of sex trafficking in the United States. The climactic scenes needed a location that would read true on film and not detract from the seriousness of its message. It’s a message the Hunk and I believe in strongly, and we felt God calling us to put our beliefs into action.
As I told the producer – it’s just paint, right?  Right?
UPDATE: You can watch the completed film, “Alone”, HERE. Yes, that’s me playing the grieving mother. 😉