Scared is the New Brave

When I began this blog, my goal was simple – to create fearlessly. I figured if I was struggling with it someone else out there probably was, too. That goal remains in the back of my mind as I continue to fight the perfection monster and reclaim the child-like joy of creating. Fear has no place in creativity. We are made in the image of the Master Creator and He only asks us to show up. How’s that for no pressure? Show up and be who you are.  Too often I allow fear to keep me from awesome things. I listen to what-ifs and turn back to “safe.” Safe is boring. Safe doesn’t reach our goals. Safe doesn’t spark life, it hastens death.

This arrived in my in box from Lisa Jo Baker.  Not only do I love its message, it’s my colors, and I thought it would look fabulous here.  It’s big enough to print out and hang on your wall as a healthy reminder.


Fear Not. Really.

There are things we hear about happening to other people and think to ourselves,  I could never go through that… while inwardly begging God not to ask us to.

Then it happens. A worst fear comes to life.
And we survive.
And we add it to our list of “done that”.
And the fear of it loses its power over us because we faced it and came out standing on the other side.
And we learn that we can walk through anything God asks us to because He doesn’t ask us to walk alone.
And we are no longer afraid.
After beginning my life wrought with fear, I can quite honestly and humbly say that there is very little I am afraid of anymore.  I have a better understanding of how big God is and what He can do.
I have no reason to be afraid.

New Rule: No Fear

I rode the Griffon – the scary new roller-coaster at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.
It’s 205 feet tall, with a 90 degree drop – straight down. No floor.
And I wasn’t afraid.

That’s me far left. Yes I bought the picture. I wanted proof.

Two years ago we were at Busch Gardens Tampa with my sister’s family, and I stood in line to ride Sheikra – the Griffon’s equivalent – only to chicken out when the man tried to strap me into that thing. The empty seat on the left (below) was mine…. that’s my sister, nephew and daughter having a blast without me.

Something happened between then and now.
My dad died unexpectedly last year, and I decided I wasn’t going to be afraid anymore. Life’s too short to be afraid.
Not to say I haven’t hesitated a few times.

But I had to ride this roller-coaster or my kids and nephews would be razzing me until I die.