On Being an Artist Who Happens to be Christian

The past two weeks I had the opportunity to be a part of Regent’s Film Camp teaching the Animation track. What a blast!!  I had five campers under my charge, and we covered a LOT of material. There is nothing as exciting as watching the lights come on in these young minds as I helped them draw their creativity to the surface. [ No pun intended. Really 😉 ] It was an honor like no other.

My favorite part of camp was joint time we spent each morning with all the campers. Our theme for the week was Creation (God’s first act recorded in the bible) and our role as artists. We began the day with a film clip of some sort, and the instructors took turns presenting short devotionals that fit our theme.
This time was a watering hole of sorts for me.
It reminded me of how very much I LOVE film – my insides literally tickle watching behind-the-scenes footage and working with cameras, lights, scripts. Even working with high-schoolers creating silly short films is magical.

It also reignited my passion to change the face of what people consider “Christian” art. It helped to be with other like-minded artists passionate for Jesus.

Today, Jim LePage posted a video that encapsulates this passion and exposes the fallacy of common Christian thought regarding the arts much better than I could articulate. The video is produced by Mars Hill, and they were kind enough to post the URL to share this video with you.

3D Modeling and Silliness

I’ve been working around the clock trying to get this guy finished. (I know his skin glows. I didn’t do that. It will be fixed.)
So, I’ve been spending a lot of time with these guys:
It’s an endowed film I’m involved with at school – the first ever animated endowed film the university has done. We’re the guinea pigs…
I joined the Silliness 3 class… doodling things like this in the bank line.
Folks are doing some wonderful art from these simple prompts. Mine are all in pencil. No watercolors or fancy pencils – because I am literally working them in on the run. 
It’s only week 3 of the semester and the roller coaster is in full swing.  It’s fun squeezing art in when I can. 

Animating Again

My sewing has been put away for awhile because I’ve been busy working on my animation project… which is going to be cute, if I do say so myself. My daughter helped me brainstorm for the story and it’s taken forever to get this baby out of the gate.

Lots and lots of hours… and this sucker is only 60 seconds long!
I learned how to animate ol’ school – by hand. This computer stuff is a big learning curve for me. But I’m loving copy/paste!
Toon Boom Studio 4 is the software we’re using, and it’s a blast with  lots of possibilities.

My creative juices have been challenged in some new directions, and I want to be better about documenting the process.