5 Minute Friday: Jump

Ready… set…. jump. So much of life is spread out just waiting for us to step into it… but we don’t. Fear convinces us it’s too risky. We stand at the edge of____ and drool with “if only” and “one day”, our feet firmly planted in “safe” while our hearts long for the other side of a barrier we erect ourselves.  An invisible wall built from lies. The good news is I can tear down my wall. I have power. The bad news is… I’m the only one who can tear down my wall. I alone have the power to jump or to stay.
Five Minute Friday
Set your timer for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.  


5 Minute Friday: Here

Be where you are…. the idea of pouring my whole self into the moment to be fully present. To enjoy the journey and not miss the details because I’m distracted. But what about being fully where I’d rather not be? At the side of a dying loved one.
Changing soiled undergarments.
Disinfecting until my hands are raw.
Wrestling a full-sized adult out of bed to a wheelchair and back again.
Watching people I love hurt in unimaginable ways. 
The mind tries to wander to other places I’d rather be…. but I don’t want to resent where I am. 
I want to be my best self… give unselfishly to another. Even in this. 

Even here
Five Minute Friday
Set your timer for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.  


“Foundations” Quilt

I finally finished the quilt commissioned by a friend.  She had seen several art quilts and fell in love. Then she completely trusted me to just come up with something…. Deep down I thought I could do it, but there was a larger part of me that thought I had bit off much more than I could ever chew. I broke through a lot of different fears during the process. The quilt evolved and changed – just like I was evolving and changing artistically. I am amazed at the final product and humbled at the way God works through my hands and pops ideas into my head from nowhere.

It’s titled “Foundations”. The words at the roots represent a firm family foundation: faith, honor, integrity, trust, hope, passion, purpose. The flowers (children) springing up are the result of those roots, their ancestors (in the leaves) serving as a protective covering in the branches above.

Words stamped into the “ground.
Children grow under a cover of love.
Ancestors watch from among the leaves.