Valentines 2011

Every year I make home-made valentines for my family. Usually their valentines have something to do with their lives that year. Some years are easier than others.

This year I did something new… a joint theme that linked all four valentines. I was wracking my brain for ideas, when a simple thought struck.
Love letters. Literally. So I made these….
I make the envelopes to match, too!
I used a paper pack  I had which made it really easy to keep continuity. Add chalks, white acrylic, and pop dots. I use a small paint brush to apply the chalk… I feel like I have better control that way, and it blends real well with the fine bristles.

Tangles #4 & #8

I hate getting behind…but a few wise cyber-friends reminded me this is supposed to be FUN! So I worked current on this week’s tangle. I finished Week #4’s. I call it “Seeing Stars”. I like her :o)

This week’s tangle was supposed to be a heart using two previous challenges together. I only used one, but it is what it is. Lol!

A Dash of Silly

The Silliness 3 class is almost over.
I’ve enjoyed it so much, and have amazed myself at the silliness that comes through my little brain when prompted in just the right way. Many thanks to the Squeen for her direction!

A couple of my favorites:

3D Modeling and Silliness

I’ve been working around the clock trying to get this guy finished. (I know his skin glows. I didn’t do that. It will be fixed.)
So, I’ve been spending a lot of time with these guys:
It’s an endowed film I’m involved with at school – the first ever animated endowed film the university has done. We’re the guinea pigs…
I joined the Silliness 3 class… doodling things like this in the bank line.
Folks are doing some wonderful art from these simple prompts. Mine are all in pencil. No watercolors or fancy pencils – because I am literally working them in on the run. 
It’s only week 3 of the semester and the roller coaster is in full swing.  It’s fun squeezing art in when I can. 

Tangle #3

When I shut my eyes to draw…. the result is very boring. Nothing wild and scribbly here. *sigh*
However, I am following Laura’s example.
This is my line, and I’m sticking with it….
Finished tangle:
Going back to the sunconscious thinking thing [hahaha! See that? “sun”conscious? Mine is working double-time!] – I received my Gurney’s catalog today, which got me thinking about spring and how much I want to be able to play with flowers this year. So I saw flowers. And leaves and grass.
For Challenge info, go here.

Tangled Up

New year, new challenges. I love challenges – the small kind that give creative direction.
I found this weekly challenge and decided to dive in. I’ve been drawing these sorts of doodles for years… and I mean years, and years. It figures that someone was finally smart enough to give them a name and capitalize on something so fun! [Why am I never that smart someone? *sigh*]
My day timer looks like this…
and sometimes this…

I jumped into the Challenge at Week 2 – The double string challenge.

This was my first tile…. took on a beachy theme. Probably because I had just rebuked my daughter for throwing out my evergreen decorations and replacing them with seashells – in January, folks! The subconscious is always at work.

The bed-hair looking brackets on the top left are my own little cartooning creation – I use these guys to surround a sigh, a gasp or something exciting, like
They looked like waves to me. The lines were fun… and looked like the sky to me. So I added a “sun”. It looked better in my head.
I wasn’t too excited about my first one. I’m rusty and my strings were wimpy.
So I tried again and made this one.
The swirlies are mine, too. In elementary school everyone else thought my swirlies were really different and asked if they could copy them. I said sure cuz I wasn’t worried – they flowed from my pencil as easily as my bed-head brackets which was proof enough to me that they were my original creation.  I copied the square swirlies – they just seem to fit so well with my round ones!
Today begins Week 3 of the challenge… have to draw a string with my eyes closed. Shouldn’t be too hard – they aren’t open yet anyway.

Pains of Creation

I’ve been working on some storyboards which is no big deal unless your hands have forgotten how to interpret what’s in your head.  And that’s exactly what was happening to me. I couldn’t draw a stick man.
The process of trying and failing and praying and begging and trying and failing was taking its toll. There were wads of paper all over the floor. I wasn’t sure what I was battling, but I was losing miserably.
I called the Hunk for a pep talk and all he said was, “I know you can do it, honey.”  That made me cry harder.
Now the storyboards are complete I actually laughed about it, but still wondered why it had to be so HARD.
Someone wise reminded me that creating is a birthing process. Pulling something new out of ourselves hurts!!! But WOW the excitement when we look at what we’ve accomplished and exclaim, “I did it!”
And God stands there beaming, “I knew you could.”
I’m glad He made me stubborn.
I love when I muscle my way through something that stretches every limit I thought I had, only to discover there is more to me than I knew.
I want to remember this the next time it happens.
And what if I were willing to voluntarily muscle my way through more in order to create more?


Animating Again

My sewing has been put away for awhile because I’ve been busy working on my animation project… which is going to be cute, if I do say so myself. My daughter helped me brainstorm for the story and it’s taken forever to get this baby out of the gate.

Lots and lots of hours… and this sucker is only 60 seconds long!
I learned how to animate ol’ school – by hand. This computer stuff is a big learning curve for me. But I’m loving copy/paste!
Toon Boom Studio 4 is the software we’re using, and it’s a blast with  lots of possibilities.

My creative juices have been challenged in some new directions, and I want to be better about documenting the process.