I’ve always loved a good story. As a kid I’d write endless sagas (which no one else will ever read, thankfully) and illustrate my homework with cartoon characters.  I still have my 8th grade journal assignment, complete with illustrations. Art and story are my passions, so I got a degree in Animation. I also love to quilt. 

For a long time I let fear rule my genius. Afraid of failure (or… success?), I stayed safely hidden in the shadows with a lot of big ideas and not much to show for them.  This blog sprung from the idea that maybe I’m not alone and there’s someone out there who wants to be brave and jump in with both feet but needs another hand to hold.

As a storyteller, my favorite place is behind-the-scenes where the magic is made.  I think it’s way more fun than what parades out front, and this blog is the behind-the-scenes of B*Joyful Studio.  It’s where I post show & tell, chat about things I think make life interesting, and hope to inspire you to create fearlessly. All while keeping it real.  If you and I could visit in real life this is what it might be like, plus a cup of tea and something fattening from the oven. 

So let’s jump together!  On three….