Fall & Finishes

Fall is peaking in all her glory here, and the confetti of color always makes my heart dance a little faster. Tappity-tappity. 🙂

I have several quilt tops scattered around the house that just need to be quilted… with various reasons why they aren’t. I pieced a fall tessellated leaves quilt in 1992,3,4-ish, and had an idea how to quilt it that didn’t pan out, so there it sat, needing to be picked out. Ick.


I decided this year I would use it, so I carried it everywhere, picking a little here and there until it was ready to quilt again, and I knocked that sucker out it in no time. What a feeling!

2014-11-12 10.34.58


With that feeling of accomplishment fueling my fire, I pulled out this sparkly stars top I pieced just as long ago, and still had the binding, if you can believe it. Every year I hang the top on the wall for Christmas…. good grief, just do it, right?


Now I’m on a roll! Today I drove to Pennsylvania with Sew Sista for her guild’s annual retreat, and I’m bringing  quilt ops and batting. Here’s to more finishes!

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