AnnaBeth’s Quilt

My friend, Sandra, asked if I could take an old, loved (read: worn) comforter and turn it into a quilt for her daughter’s engagement present. I assured her I could. When the box arrived, it was worse than I thought. The fabric was not only threadbare, it was so faded I had to rip seams to find out what color it used to be. And it was from the 80s.  I needed to use the comforter as the focal fabric and find fabrics that would compliment it.

I hit pay-dirt with a simple blender fabric and a couple of solids.  The design is one I created after seeing a pattern in some subway tiles… the tiles were rectangular and a math nightmare for the woven look I was after, so I settled on squares, which were still a math pain, but not as much. I practiced on this quilt, which is still unfinished in a corner. I learned a great deal from it, so it made the construction of AnnaBeth’s quilt much smoother.
I found the perfect floral for the backing that tied in with the focal fabric and gave it an updated look.

[The lighting makes the carpet look pretty dirty. Don’t look.]  I free-motion quilted a rose motif to pull it all together.


Sandra sent me a picture right away. I think she likes it. 🙂


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