Lights, Camera

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my extremely talented friend, Tim Kay, filming promotional video for Regent University.  I hate being in front of the camera – Tim knows he’s special and the only one I’d say yes to. Especially because these videos aren’t scripted –  the camera just rolls and rolls while we chat and carry on. Tim takes all that nonsense, cuts it up and pieces it back together into something that makes sense, just lie a quilt. It was a lot of fun to do something a little different than the norm and to be filming, which I love. This time it’s for television, and I have mixed feelings about that.
The last time I said yes to this, Tim made the video below. Consider it your giggle for the week. It was a month before our wedding – the Hunk and I had just bought our house. I was moving in and he lived 40 miles away. Note the ragamuffin yard and paint test on the living room wall caught on camera for posterity. Oy.



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