Bike Rides, Taxes and Scrappy Things

The sun is shining and it’s in the 70s – perfect conditions for my first bike ride of the year. They opened a new road behind us that gives me a beeline to our quilt guild’s meeting spot, and it only takes 10 minutes by bicycle. I can’t wait to fill my basket with quilting goodies and ride. 🙂


This week I spent two entire days of my life pulling all my {ahem} stuff together so the CPA can do my taxes. Two.  DAYS. >Augh<  I seriously need minions. Or a secretary. Paperwork is not. my. thing. Yesterday, instead of creating, I took care of business in the studio in hopes of being better organized for next year’s tax season. (Have I mentioned I am a hopeless optimist?) Do you have an efficient way to track your stuff?

Today I’m working on some characters for a friend’s animated project. I can’t share much, but it includes monkeys, giraffes and bears, oh, my!
I’m also putting together some scrap fabric so I can turn it into goodies.

A couple weeks ago I sent this lonely little block to Victoria Findlay Wolfe in response to her request for signature blocks.  I’m indebted to Victoria, because her “made” fabric sparked sweet memories from my childhood. My grandfather was a tailor, and early on he showed me how to piece scraps together to make big enough pieces for my wonky, crudely designed Barbie clothes. Victoria’s 15 Minutes of Play was a happy reminder of the this technique and I now “make” fabric regularly and include it in a lot of my work. I think Grandpa would approve. 🙂

2014-03-04 14.14.47

It’s so nice outside, I might baste a couple quilts before the day’s end!

I hope you’re having a great week. 🙂

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