Things I Learned in March

It amazes me how this year is whizzing by. Here we are at the end of March already. March! An entire quarter of the year is gone. GONE! February was such a blur I forgot what I learned, so this month I kept better track.
Here’s what I learned – in order – because that’s how it works when you keep a list.

1. The history of the Ampersand.  I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this post, but I found it fascinating. I’ve always loved the ampersand, the way its shape can be manipulated to add pizzazz, and I use them a lot, because they’re quick and I like the way they look.


2. The lyrics used while Paul McCartney wrote the song “Yesterday” were about scrambled eggs.  ♫ “Scrambled eggs/ Oh, my, baby how I love your legs…” ♫   When song-writers come up with a melody that has potential they often employ dummy lyrics until they’re sure the melody is their original idea and not one they’re copying subconsciously. (I should have illustrated Ms. Scrambled Eggs’ legs for this post, but I was afraid they’d look more like cellulite.)

3.  Walt Disney was an ENFP personality just like me.  Of course he was! So were Anne Frank and Mark Twain. Sandra Bullock is also a fellow ENFP. I’ve always considered her my famous alter ego. She’s classy while keeping it real. I can relate to a woman who snorts. On the darker side are ENFPs gone bad: Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Muammar Gaddafi. (We won’t think about them.) Ever wonder about your personality type? You can take the quiz here.

4. Turning 50 isn’t that bad. Yes, I joined the Half-Century Club this month. A lot of very kind people have told me I don’t look 50, which makes my heart happy because I don’t feel 50, either. When I was growing up women who were 50 wore girdles and their hose rolled down at their ankles. They looked round and settled and…. well, old. Times have changed. They say 50 is the new 30, and I believe that. What’s nice about being fifty is the experience I’ve gathered and wisdom I notice in myself as a result of being around the block a few times. It’s all the confidence of your 30s and 40s with an added knowing… a calm assurance that it isn’t all that big of a deal. You can tell the women who are over 50 because they smile and nod a lot. And don’t worry as much about what other people think. And wear their red Keds because they like them, not necessarily because they match. When I turned 40 Sew Sista (who is almost  +10 my age) told me my 40s would be everything I loved about my 30s plus the benefit of not sweating the small stuff as much. Last year she told me my 50s would be even more fun because I’m still young enough for adventure but old enough to not give a hoot about making people stare. She was right.



5. Australia fined the United States for littering when part of the Skylab space station landed in their country upon re-entry. Totally true story.



  1. Your #2 made me laugh – I’d never heard that before! I’m going to have to Google the history of the ampersand now… How fun! Thanks for sharing!

    • My pleasure! I love the age of the internet… so many fun things out in the world we never would have known! 🙂
      (The ampersand link was missing…so glad you commented, so I could notice it. It’s there now!)

  2. Bulb lit ampersand (!) just love that.
    And just so you know, 60 doesn’t get its due either; per near perfect :-).

  3. Your ampersand photo drew me in. I’ve just discovered this link up on Chatting at the Sky and it looks like so much fun. Can’t wait to join in next time around. Oh, glad 50 was good for you. Not my best birthday but it’s true about the less you care about the little stuff (and so much of it is little stuff).

    • So glad you stopped by, Debby! I’d love to have that ampersand for my living room wall! My 50th celebration was more like a fizzle than the bang I had planned… I admit I was super bummed. Instead of pouting I’m making big plans for next year. 😉