I’ll Take An Order of Spring, Please

Spring is finally on its way! I can tell because it was almost 80 degrees yesterday, 75 today and we keep eating dinner at 8:00 pm because it’s daylight savings and it doesn’t feel like it’s time to make dinner.  It felt soooo good to turn my face toward the sun and feels its warmth.  We’re praying for sun. We’re seriously waterlogged and need clear skies.
Remember the hole I mentioned last week? Well….for almost three weeks we’ve hosted our very own pioneer days of sorts. We can’t put anything down our drains. Nothing. Nada. (Think toilets…..   yeah.) Dishes are done in plastic basins. It takes 6-7 buckets full to empty the water from a shower into the woods. And this is my current laundry system. The Hunk’s new morning chore is emptying that barrel in case I need to do laundry.

The ground is so saturated the water keeps filling the septic tank.  Glamorous. Right now my life is consumed with moving water around in buckets until the ground dries out a bit and life can get back to normal.

Last week was the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest here in Hampton, and my friends and I had a blast white-gloving, shopping, and manning the PMQG’s raffle quilt table. I also took a portrait class with Esterita Austin which was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and a total blast. Sew Sista was here all week and it was refreshing to get away from the house. A change of scenery keeps a girl from lashing out, ya know? 

Here’s a small peek at something I’m planning for a special someone. It’s a surprise, so that’s all I can share now. But I love the way it’s coming together.

20140309_181307 (1)

 My friend, Alison Glass, designs fabric. (I love having friends who do cool things!) The Virginia Beach MQG, issued a quilt challenge using Alison’s lovely fabrics, and I love playing with these bright beauties. The reveal is this Saturday, and I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations.




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