Snow Day

If you live on the upper east coast or points north, chances are you have more white stuff than we do, but eastern Virginia doesn’t get much but maybe once a year.  Because we don’t get much, our highway people don’t have a bunch of equipment for it, so things get wimpy – people stay home, schools close and folks work from home if they can.  There’s not enough snow on the ground to go slide down the golf course hills, so it’s a regular day for me except everyone else is home here, too.


This is my view today as I work.  All that snow makes it BRIGHT in here! I had to pull the shades down 3/4 of the way to keep from needing my sunglasses.   Today I’m painting  a header for a client and doing other Illustrator stuff. Tonight is girly-crafty night with my girls, and I have hand work to do.

There are squirrel tracks outside the back door. From the look of the muddy prints on the door, I’d say they wanted in. And no wonder –  it’s 12.8 degrees out there with a wind chill of 10. Brrr! I made sure my feathered friends have fresh water, and they’re thanking me by singing outside my window. 🙂

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