More Snow Days and a Special Birthday

More snow! I was doing the happy dance last night as the snow fell and fell and fell. At one point during the night I looked out the window and you couldn’t even see our street…. it was one, beautiful blanket of snow.  This morning we played a bit and shoveled the walk with the garden shovel, because I forgot the snow shovel broke and hasn’t been replaced yet. Oops.

Our driveway is completely hidden!

2014-01-29 14.02.37


The Hunk and I recently began our sponsorship journey through World Vision. Our refrigerator holds the treasures we’ve received in the mail from our sweet girl, Mercy. Mercy lives in Kenya, and I pray one day we will be able to visit her there.


She will be 8 years old the end of March. I want to send her the world, but “packages” are limited to a 6″ x 9″ envelope… which doesn’t mean “package” to me at all.  I’ve already decided it will take more than one envelope to send her birthday gift.  For starts, I am making her a small doll. Her doll will have her own quilt, of course. Mercy has two sisters, so I think they will needs dolls (and quilts), too.

I encourage you to look into sponsoring a child through one of these amazing organizations. Mercy’s mama thanks us for caring for Mercy’s needs through our sponsorship…. but I want to thank her for sharing her precious daughter and allowing us to partner with her family in such a meaningful way.

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