Have Computer, Will Travel

September is one of my favorite months. Crisp breezes, open windows and the smell of apples wafting through the kitchen invigorate me like nothing else. I still can’t believe it’s here already. Friends are posting their fall decorations while I’m going, “Wait! It’s still 90 outside!”  This September will be even warmer than usual for me, because I’ll be spending it in Florida. My brother-in-law had a bone marrow transplant Friday, and I’m going to hold down the fort at my sister’s house so she can tend to her man.  I like to love on people in person, so I’m grateful for a job I can take anywhere.

I’m also going to a quilt retreat with a friend smack in the middle of my visit, so packing has been a challenge. I want to bring it all!  I’ve started a pile, and most of it is quilt-related, except for the bin with the yellow top. It’s full of art supplies for  this online class which I can’t wait to tackle. (That basket of quilts isn’t going, either…that’s just where they live)


I’m a little dizzy with all that has to be done before I leave so not much is happening in the studio.  I finished this tote for my swap partner, and she likes it!  I kept changing my mind, so it has a couple “extras” that aren’t usually part of the design like the pieced straps and a pieced edge inside that doesn’t show here.


AND I finished the tote I started at Quilt Camp last month. I matched up these cute birds from my stash, and I love it! The top didn’t turn out right, but I’m not ripping it out.  My paper stuff gets to travel with me in style.


My computer and all its gadgetry get packed up tomorrow.  I think I will enjoy being unplugged for a couple days. Happy September!


  1. Awww sorry to hear about your BIL but I hope he recovers quickly. My uncle had a bone marrow transplant a few years ago.

    That tote is really cute! Have fun quilting. :]

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