5 Minute Friday: Mercy

I look at him, he looks at me, and we know… it’s time.  Some day has arrived.  We agree to put feet to the idea that’s been bouncing in our heads. We quietly pay attention, searching for treasure. The more we look the harder it becomes. How can we choose just one?  A spark.  A dead end. We stop, waiting  for a word, a whisper… none come. The choice is ours.

There. A name. We choose.

A voice sings back to us. Love spills out through tears.

Her name is Mercy.

Learn more at www.worldvision.org



 Set your timer for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.


  1. Precious! Being adopted, by both parents and the heavenly Father, I took know that mercy! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog.


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