Things That Make Me Happy

I find it sad when someone sees a happy person and says they’re “lucky” based merely on how they appear from afar.  Lucky is winning the lottery or getting that parking space up front. Happiness is not lucky, it’s a choice. It isn’t dependent on your circumstances. I believe gratitude is the thread that links happy people. It’s too easy to get tricked into focusing on what isn’t right in our lives, and if we aren’t careful, we’ll miss out. Stopping to notice the things that excite, inspire and warm us is a good exercise to keep the balance.

Here are some things that make me happy –  in no particular order:

1. A man who looks at me like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. (I think he needs glasses, but that’s okay!)
2. Being a mother. It’s my favorite.
3. A sunbeam to sit in.
4. Birds on a wire make me smile without fail.
5. Playing with sparklers.
6. Color – I looooooove colors. All of them. Together.
7. Fabric and its possibilities
8. A box of new crayons
9. Fireworks. I don’t ever want them to stop!
10. The feel of a book in my hands.
11. The electricity of brainstorming with creative people.
12. Open windows letting in the breeze.
13. All four seasons.
14. Cool grass on my bare toes.
15. Freshly baked bread. The smell, the texture, the warmth.
16. A homemade meal and all the people I love around the table. Bliss.
17. Our big backyard full of family and friends.
18. Creating. Quilting, drawing, painting, decorating, making things from toilet paper rolls…
19. Sister moments with special women.
20. The feeling of finishing a project!
21. Taking pictures.
22. Folding laundry. The feel of the fabric through my fingers, the warmth and the fresh smell.
23. A clean house.
25. Playing board games with my kids.
26. The beach.
27. Freshly shaved legs (mine).
28. A freshly shaved face (his).
29. Having a space to create – love my studio.
30. Chocolate. (remember, I said in no particular order)
31. The smell of freshly mowed grass.
32. Trees – their beauty and intricacy.
33. A good massage.
34. Rainbows made by chandelier crystals hung in my windows.
35. The smell after a hard rain.
36. Devotions with the Hunk in hushed tones before bed.
37. Laughing so hard I can’t breathe.
38. Antics with my sister. <3
39. Singing. I can’t not sing.
40. The feel of freshly washed sheets.
41. Having all of my kids under my roof at one time.
42. Crisp fall breezes.
43. Finding great bargains.
44. The way handwork feels between my fingers.
45. Playing with the band/orchestra. Being a small part of something magical… exhilarating.
46. Being outdoors.
47. The energy I feel after a hard workout.
48. The night sky loaded with stars.
49. Being on the water. Growing up, my family always had a boat, and it still invigorates me immensely.
50. Christmas lights.
51. Flowers
52. Playing in the snow.

Each time I proof read this I add a couple more things to the list…. and that’s the point. 😉  What makes you happy?

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