An Ah-ha Moment

I’m super happy  to have an entire room to call my studio, but, lately I’ve been frustrated. I need more room to work.  I’ll have a small window of time to sew and I don’t accomplish anything, because my table is full of stuff. Right now, it looks like this:

Not too bad as far as messes go, but  I have to shove things around and pile them on the floor to have enough room to work. I even bought another one of those little fold up tables so I could have an “island” of extra room when I need it… except there’s nowhere to put it without tripping over something else. Ugh. I have this wonderful room all to myself, but I’m not using the space very efficiently.

Yesterday I was perusing my Pinterest boards and came across this picture from Kim Klassen’s studio. I love her space and it’s charm! Then it hit me – I have ONE shelf – and plenty of room to add another one right below it. Eureka!


Today I took my little self to the DIY store and bought some more brackets and a  piece of lumber. I’ll have to move my magnetic chalk board, and the space over my computer is usually where I hang my storyboards, but sacrifices have to be made if I want to be productive, right? My goal is to reorganize that wall so I have what I need at hand and empty table space in order to spend time playing instead of shoving.And while I’m moving things…. I’m thinking about painting. Maybe. We’ll see.

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