Oklahoma on Our Hearts

The images coming out of Oklahoma give me itchy feet. Helping others rebuild is where my heart beats strong.

The Hunk and I actually first met back in 2007 on a construction site in Chalmette, Louisiana, where we worked to rebuild a church decimated by Hurricane Katrina. We returned to work on that site the following two years and had the honor of attending the opening service in the sanctuary we helped build. After sweating, crying, hoping, building, laughing and ministering together, we have a forever family in Chalmette and some stories you wouldn’t believe.

The hunk did a lot of that brick work, and built the sign out front (left). 

We want to pick up and go when the call comes. Not just once a year, but regularly as the Lord calls. As we embark on an empty nest, I want to be more intentional about ordering our life in a way that makes us even more available to serve.  It’s not out of reach, but it will take planning and focus to put feet to our hearts’ desire.

Fortunately, there are organizations in place that do just that – organize and plan to make the most from our offerings. If you have an itch to help, but don’t know where to begin, Ed Stetzer posted a great intro to getting involved in disaster relief.  His tips hold true for any kind of rebuilding mission.  This is HARD work, y’all, but the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.

Ready to roll up your sleeves? You can sign up with Samaritan’s Purse volunteer network.

Lastly, do not underestimate the act of giving financially. It takes money to rebuild. Lots of money. There is no such thing as a “small” contribution. Here are some wonderful folks who will handle your donations with integrity:
Disaster Relief Oklahoma 
Convoy of Hope
The Salvation Army
Operation Blessing

Rebuilding takes time, and our friends in Oklahoma will be picking up the pieces long after the rest of us have fallen back into our normal routines. Each visit we made to Louisiana revealed how little could change while so much was being accomplished. And they continue to re-build.

If you have a heart to serve in any capacity, can I encourage you to take the next step toward action? I don’t want to sit on my couch wishing I could do something. I want to be ready to do something. Will you join me?


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