5 Minute Friday: Jump

Ready… set…. jump. So much of life is spread out just waiting for us to step into it… but we don’t. Fear convinces us it’s too risky. We stand at the edge of____ and drool with “if only” and “one day”, our feet firmly planted in “safe” while our hearts long for the other side of a barrier we erect ourselves.  An invisible wall built from lies. The good news is I can tear down my wall. I have power. The bad news is… I’m the only one who can tear down my wall. I alone have the power to jump or to stay.
Five Minute Friday
Set your timer for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.  



  1. It’s so true – only you have the power to jump or stay. That can be positive (you hold the ability to choose) or intimidating (it all depends upon you). Hoping you have the courage to overcome the “if only’s” and step out bravely!

  2. Great post. it is so true that fear keeps us from jumping across many chasms which could lead to great heights. Love your words: “I’m the only one who can tear down my wall. I alone have the power to jump or to stay.”


  3. Such great thoughts. I have the ability to tear down the walls that keep me from jumping! Visiting from the Five Minute Friday!

  4. Wonderful post.

  5. Yes, I find myself drooling with “if only” and “one day” quite often. Thank you for the reminder to jump in today! Stopping by from FMF.

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