5 Minute Friday: Here

Be where you are…. the idea of pouring my whole self into the moment to be fully present. To enjoy the journey and not miss the details because I’m distracted. But what about being fully where I’d rather not be? At the side of a dying loved one.
Changing soiled undergarments.
Disinfecting until my hands are raw.
Wrestling a full-sized adult out of bed to a wheelchair and back again.
Watching people I love hurt in unimaginable ways. 
The mind tries to wander to other places I’d rather be…. but I don’t want to resent where I am. 
I want to be my best self… give unselfishly to another. Even in this. 

Even here
Five Minute Friday
Set your timer for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.  



  1. Stopping in from FMF! Great post. It’s inspiring. It’s hard sometimes to want to want to be in that hardcore servant position and the beauty of it, suits you. blessings to you…

  2. I am so sorry that you’re in this place right now. I remember being with my grandpa as he made his journey back to Heaven. It is so hard to say good-bye to someone who has been such a big part of your life.

    Thank you for your sweet note on my blog. You are in my prayers. I pray that Heavenly Father will bring you a resting spot for your heart during this sad time of waiting for what is coming and comfort when it comes. I also pray for a peaceful journey for your loved one. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Bless you for sharing.

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