5 Minute Friday: Friend

Riding bikes everywhere, nowhere.
Guitars in the park, fingers numb.
Song voices praising.
Long walks and private dream conversations.
Boys that were.
Creating art, wee ones sleeping.
Beach refuge from life adventures.
Mundane and magical tangled in one.
Men that are no longer.
Aging and grace, fighting, releasing.
Motherhood heart things, life celebration.
Miles and miles, right here always.
Never apart.
Five Minute Friday
Set your timer for five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right.  



  1. i loved how yours read – such love dripping from each word – so beautiful! thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. “Mundane and magical tangled in one.” A perfectly worded sentiment of the best friendships. Stopping by from FMF and glad I did.

  3. Friends are awesome and it’s such a good feeling to have a friend who has been there for you for so long through everything. 🙂 My bestie lives in Orlando though! >:

  4. Love the photo history! And the poem too.

  5. Marvelous post.

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