Needed ASAP: Quilts and Blankets

The Hunk and I had a WONDERFUL trip north! Our friends live in a wee place called Breinigsville, PA among rolling farmlands. Beautiful. We arrived just ahead of Hurricane Sandy. The men watched football and we gals sewed until the power went out. My friend and I wondered if her Amish neighbors were shaking their heads as people scrambled without electricity. 

The Hunk and I finished our vacation in Massachusetts with more friends. It was NICE to relax for the week and just enjoy each other. The crisp fall air and colors left me invigorated and inspired. 

Traveling up and down the coast we saw cherry pickers from power companies around the US…  Tampa (FL), Michigan, Texas… it choked me up each time to see the generosity of other cities rushing to where help was needed. We passed gas stations with lines that stretched for miles. On the ride home, New Jersey was only selling gas to cars with even numbered tags. My tags have no numbers! We waited and gassed up in Delaware.

We arrived home to life as usual, aware that so many are still reeling from Sandy and, now, this recent Nor’easter. 

Victoria Findlay Wolfe of the NYC Mod Quilt Guild  has put out a call for blankets to distribute to families left in the cold from Hurricane Sandy and this most recent Nor’easter. Blankets/Quilts can be store-bought or homemade – and any size.
If you’re concerned about who you send your quilts to, Victoria is has established ties with the people who can distribute these quilts. She’s the real deal. 
You can find the details HERE. Make sure to follow the directions carefully – I know you want your quilts arrive in the correct hands. 

I’d like to get this out to as many quilters as possible, so please pass it on
I know the media shows the worst on TV… and sometimes it’s tempting to downplay the severity of a situation. But we watched the local news while we were there – the stories you DON’T see when you’re hundreds of miles away. Not only is the devastation real, it’s worse for some than you can wrap your head around. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all we take for granted, please give generously.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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