Leaping Creatively

There’s something super fun about a year with an extra day in it.

To celebrate, here’s a list of leaps you can take to create fearlessly:
~Try a new technique
~Try a new product
~Take a class to learn something you’ve said, “I could never do that” about
~Teach a friend a technique that’s new to him/her
~Pick a project from a book you bought but haven’t used yet and MAKE IT!
~Make art using a color you don’t like
~Don’t use your favorite color for a month. Pretend it doesn’t exist
~Sketch one item from each room in your home. Write a silly story that uses all of them as illustrations.
~Sign up for a challenge
~Take a favorite drawing from your sketchbook and paint it on a wall in your home
~Show your art to strangers
~Buy a pair of boots that you LOVE. Wear them when you try something scary and use them to kick fear out of the way!

Some of these ideas might seem easy-peasy to you. Don’t do those. Do the ones that scare you. That is the whole point of the exercise – pushing fear out of the way to free our creativity.

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