Tangle #11 and Catching Up

This week’s theme was “Monotangle”. My little tangle was inspired by the gumballs hanging on for dear life in the tops of the trees. Spring is here, they won’t last for long…

UPDATE: For those who aren’t familiar with “gumballs”, they are the seed pods from Sweetgum trees – affectionately known as “Gumball trees”. Pretty to look at, murder to step on!
I also finished Week 5’s tangle. The theme was “Orbs”. I don’t know that it qualifies as true tangle, but it’s what came to mind.
It’s spring break, and I hoped to get a lot more creating accomplished this week, but I was busy catching up around the house. The Christmas decorations are re-organized and put away (hallelujah!), piles were filed, and I got caught up on small tasks that were hanging over my head. Feels good!
Last night I worked on these. A friend requested I make them for her study group. Each person chose a focus word, and she asked if I’d make them pretty so she could frame them for everyone.
While I was at it, I made one for myself.
The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival was last week. I had three hours! My friend, Valerie, and I made our way through there with purpose. I think I set a personal record. As usual, the quilts were eye-candy, and I snapped pictures of my faves, including details of techniques/ideas for later reference. I bought the most beautiful basket made by ladies in Ghana. I buy one every year, and this year I wanted a bright blue round one. I scooped!

I came home inspired. Monday is back to real life.


  1. These are great. I love the one little bubble-haired orb! So cute!

  2. How cute! 🙂

  3. Love your gumballs. And your lettering is wonderful! 3 hours for a quilt show? not nearly enough time!

  4. Love your tangles…especially the little orb nymph. I laughed out loud when I spotted her. Great lettering too!

  5. Your tangles are so much fun and I love your shading on your gumballs and orbs (never heard of gumballs on the trees) but I like it. Very cute!

  6. The orb bubbles is so happy…as the little face agrees!

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