Spilling Over

…That’s the theme for this month’s sketchbook challenge, and the first one that I’ve actually had any ideas for! Lots of ideas. I usually start with words that come to mind.¬†March’s page looks like this:

I didn’t really need the word prompt the way I usually do, because the ideas came faster than I have the time to create them… [sigh] ¬†Which explains the first doodle in my book. I call it a doodle because I managed not to worry if it was “finished” art. It’s a sketchbook, and I’m trying to let go of the it-has-to-be-perfect thing. So I played until I thought I’d mess it up if I kept going…

Yep – this one says it all! My sketchbook is “spilling over” with ideas. I’m currently working on another page with this theme, with several more ideas in the queue.


  1. I love the clock marching along the art supplies. Bossy old time!

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