Tangle #9

For some reason I had a hard time making this little tangle. No matter how closely I followed the directions, mine didn’t look right. I finally got it – whew! I wanted something that looked free, which is my prayer for Laura’s little “Artoo”.
I call it “Breath of Healing”. (It’s dark on the right because of the angle of the sun through the window, not because of any artistic genius on my part…)

Yesterday I  found some adorable bird cage fabric, complete with tiny birds… which led me to auditioning fabrics a bit. I came up with these. Now – what to make with them?

I cleaned off my work space and plan to spend any breaks sewing productively.


  1. Lovely vines to go with “Artoo” I really like your design work!

  2. This is a lovely tile – I think you definitely “got it” with Artoo!

  3. This zentangle is beautiful – great composition! I can’t wait to see what you are doing with the fabric – I love the combination of colors and patterns!

  4. That is SO beautiful! I love it!

  5. this is so free and simple..just the way an infant should be…it’s perfect for this challenge!

  6. That is a gorgeous ZT, Joy! Your swirls and curls are so elegant (and smooth, flowing, and crisp). I particularly love the little teensy Artoos drifting off on their little stings of dots. Yummy!

  7. Oh, very special!

  8. Beautiful! I love the way the Artoo vine flows around the tile.

  9. charmingly beautiful !

  10. Whispering a breath of Springtime air

  11. I LOVE your artoo tangle! And those fabrics are fun.

  12. beautiful! it looks like the artoo is coming right off the page!

    also, my comment moderation word is ‘abird’ which i thought fitting, considering your birdcage fabric. 😉

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