3D Modeling and Silliness

I’ve been working around the clock trying to get this guy finished. (I know his skin glows. I didn’t do that. It will be fixed.)
So, I’ve been spending a lot of time with these guys:
It’s an endowed film I’m involved with at school – the first ever animated endowed film the university has done. We’re the guinea pigs…
I joined the Silliness 3 class… doodling things like this in the bank line.
Folks are doing some wonderful art from these simple prompts. Mine are all in pencil. No watercolors or fancy pencils – because I am literally working them in on the run. 
It’s only week 3 of the semester and the roller coaster is in full swing.  It’s fun squeezing art in when I can. 


  1. Hurray for Mr. Miller! 😀

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