Love Notes

The day started at 5:15 trying to pry teens from their beds after staying up too late, followed by an acid-inducing race to get them to school on time. By time I arrived home the Hunk had already left for work. I didn’t get to say good-bye.
It’s silly, but on this particular morning that small fact cracked the last vestige of my composure. The tears were ready to spill when I walked in and saw a note on top of the mayonnaise I left out. A love note from my husband.
It quickly reminded me of the love notes God sends to me daily. A word here. A lyric there. An act of kindness from a stranger. An unexpected delight. Something silly that makes me smile. The little things He uses to whisper I’m here, and I love you to my heart.


  1. Beautiful post Joy! I love those daily love notes from God. We are so blessed to have someone care for us SO much to send us those special moments. And how sweet that your husband left you a note… I love that! 🙂

  2. this was exactly what I posted about, too.

    we do need to pay more attention, don’t we?


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