Pains of Creation

I’ve been working on some storyboards which is no big deal unless your hands have forgotten how to interpret what’s in your head.  And that’s exactly what was happening to me. I couldn’t draw a stick man.
The process of trying and failing and praying and begging and trying and failing was taking its toll. There were wads of paper all over the floor. I wasn’t sure what I was battling, but I was losing miserably.
I called the Hunk for a pep talk and all he said was, “I know you can do it, honey.”  That made me cry harder.
Now the storyboards are complete I actually laughed about it, but still wondered why it had to be so HARD.
Someone wise reminded me that creating is a birthing process. Pulling something new out of ourselves hurts!!! But WOW the excitement when we look at what we’ve accomplished and exclaim, “I did it!”
And God stands there beaming, “I knew you could.”
I’m glad He made me stubborn.
I love when I muscle my way through something that stretches every limit I thought I had, only to discover there is more to me than I knew.
I want to remember this the next time it happens.
And what if I were willing to voluntarily muscle my way through more in order to create more?


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