The Enemy Called Resistance

I’ve been working on some storyboards, which is no big deal unless your hands have forgotten how to interpret what’s in your head.  That’s exactly what was happening to me. I couldn’t draw a stick man. There were wads of paper all over the floor. I wasn’t sure what I was battling, but I was sure I was losing miserably.
Now that the storyboards are complete I can laugh about it, but still wonder why it had to be so. hard.
I discovered a powerful little book gives the answer –  “The War of Art”, by Steven Pressfield.
His thesis on what he calls Resistance can be life-changing. With straight-up clarity Pressfield exposes Resistance and its tactics to thwart our dreams, goals and growth.
The challenge comes in applying what you read, but the truth contained in this volume has the potential for being the kick in the pants you’ve been looking for, regardless the goal. It applies to everything from weight-loss to writer’s block.
Resistance is the enemy.
Creating is a birthing process. Pulling something new out of ourselves hurts!!! But WOW the excitement when we look at what we’ve accomplished, right?
 I love when I muscle my way through something that stretches every limit I thought I had, only to discover there is more to me than I knew. What if I were willing to voluntarily muscle my way through more in order to create more? Now that I have a better idea what I’m fighting, I’m determined to recognize Resistance and get on with the business of creating.

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