A Summer of Firsts

It was an incredibly busy, busy summer and an even busier busy… end of summer. (I was going to say fall – but it isn’t even fall, yet!)
This summer has been filled with lots of firsts for me, most the result of my new No Fear policy.
Some of them would sound dumb to other people, but they are monumental to me.
A BIG first was the mission trip I went on.
I spent a week in Louisiana helping rebuild a church there post-Katrina.
Awesome trip. As a handy-man’s daughter, I felt at home in my own skin. I was on familiar territory doing what I love.

I will certainly be taking many more trips like this one. I’m hooked…. I loved the work, loved the fellowship, and loved the fact I was thinking about others – which is easy to forget when we’re so bogged down in our own “stuff”.
I made some wonderful new friends – many who live here in the Tidewater area. Go figure – I had to go all the way to Louisiana to meet them. 🙂

I’m on campus this semester – another first. I’ve been knocking out classes online to save gas and time, but this semester I desperately needed a change, so I decided to take a couple classes on campus and have some fun.
That was the best decision I could have made! I am SO in my element – I love it.

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