Quilted Postcards

I’ve been experimenting with quilted postcards.

I wanted to try Misty Fuse, and words printed on cotton sheets and ExtravOrganza, and a small postcard wasn’t as intimidating as a bigger project would be.
So, I accomplished several things in one go.

I used double-sided  Pelltex by Pellon – because that’s what I had on hand.  My postcard kept its shape and I like the feel of it – not flopsy.

Postcard #2 is a healthy reminder for myself.

Yes, that is my own leg. You wouldn’t believe the acrobatics it took to get that shot – standing on one leg while trying to hold the camera steady at the right angle.

I tried the heavier needle with the Pelltex, but I didn’t like the way it perforated it. Then I zig-zagged around the words, and din’t like that either. I think the holes add pizzazz.


  1. Great postcard Joy! Very well done.

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