New Rule: No Fear

I rode the Griffon – the scary new roller-coaster at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.
It’s 205 feet tall, with a 90 degree drop – straight down. No floor.
And I wasn’t afraid.

That’s me far left. Yes I bought the picture. I wanted proof.

Two years ago we were at Busch Gardens Tampa with my sister’s family, and I stood in line to ride Sheikra – the Griffon’s equivalent – only to chicken out when the man tried to strap me into that thing. The empty seat on the left (below) was mine…. that’s my sister, nephew and daughter having a blast without me.

Something happened between then and now.
My dad died unexpectedly last year, and I decided I wasn’t going to be afraid anymore. Life’s too short to be afraid.
Not to say I haven’t hesitated a few times.

But I had to ride this roller-coaster or my kids and nephews would be razzing me until I die.


  1. Deb Gonzalez says:

    That’s awesome!! And you’re right… the boys would have razzed you big time if you didn’t get on it. Best to get the first time overwith before they get there! More importantly, you are right that life’s too short to not live it to the fullest! God bless your courage.
    Your sissy,

  2. Wow, I peed myself laughing. Me and my brother agree the picture was professionally photoshoped. I’m pretty sure I’m gunna hear “my back is acting up” when we get there and I’ll definately razz at you. But I love you and no matter how much of a pansy you are, I always will. =]

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!♥

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